Trusted Message Delivery for Customer Relationship Systems


From vertical market desktop and Web applications to intranets and extranets, SafeCRM is easily the fastest and most efficient way to embed messaging features that are automatically integrated into one of the most robust subscription management systems available.

About SafeCRM

SafeCRM provides a complete embedded messaging solution to legitimate and carefully screened organizations. Use of our system requires a partnership at both the company and developer level, making it virtually impossible to abuse our system. Our primary goal is to provide a trusted and safe electronic messaging environment that helps stop SPAM at the source by only servicing organizations that maintain a good relationship with us.

Protecting the Consumer

SafeCRM is a complete solution that also extends it's branding to the consumer. Each recipient of a SafeCRM message has a private Inbox where a full delivery history can be accessed and delivery preferences can be managed on a global and organizational level. By using SafeCRM as your delivery solution you will ensure that a higher level of consideration and attention is being given to the messages you send.

Going Green

If you are one of the many organizations adopting a "green" policy, SafeCRM makes it easy to convert almost any form of paper communication into an electronic message. Not only can you reduce your paper footprint, but SafeCRM's private Inbox feature is available from any device or location, reducing the need to print messages.